Tuesday, April 27, 2010

i am a nuffnangers now... weeee

hello guys.. guess what.. i am a nuffnanger now.. LOL... i never though i'll be a nuffnanger but the temptation is soo high... not the money.. but the event that nuffnang sponsored... it's soo cool.. i'm really jealous for those who had been to nuffnang event=P... it's like 2 weeks before i'll leave my house and spread my wings to KMKN(so dramatic) i've been enjoying myself to the fullest before i go there.. it's not like when at SBPIJ, KMKN is very far... my family can't come as often as when i at SBPIJ(and it's not very often) ugh... the anxious feeling turns to nervous... well.. that's it then.. oh yeah... i got tagged again.. this is from LEESA(my paramore fans friends) hehe... thank you soo much Leesa..

how tall should he be?
taller than me

what hair colour should he have?

what kind of personality should he have?
bubbly, caring and the most thing responsible

older or younger?

what film actor should he most be like?
johnny deep??

do they need to cook?
yup... cause i can't cook

what car should he drive?
better than me

tag people to do this survey too
hehe.. my favourite part
sheera(aku nk tgk jawapan ko.. hehe)


msrh's said...

KMKN kedah kan?

Fatin Fatihah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fatin Fatihah said...

yup2.. naper.. awk gi sane gak kke

DarkCaspian™ said...

hi...im new blogger..ade contest ni...

ade contestt!

LeEsA™ said...

thanks wt my tag !
u rowks gurl :)

msrh's said...

nope , i kmk changlun but kedah jua la :)

Fatin Fatihah said...

haha.. thanks leesa...
msrh.. owh.. matriks??

Jong said...

Cant cook yea...same case here...hahaha

Fatin Fatihah said...

LOL... let's learn cook together.. weee