Saturday, April 24, 2010

one day off

time: 9:40 a.m
venue: my living room

today, have to take day off for a day.. i have to go to mak tam's(aunt) house to celebrate my lil sis and alia(cousin)'s birthdays... stay one night there... so NO FACEBOOKING, NO BLOGWALKING, NO CHATTING... LOL.. but it's okay.. i guaranteed i'll have soo much fun there.. LOL

i've been tagged again.. now it came from IMA, thanks ima.. i realy think you're blog is sooo cool.. guys and girls... please check out her blog.. you guys gonna love it.. it is

What is your full name?
Fatin Fatihah binti Sharman

When is your birthday?
11th September 1992

What is your daddy's name?
Sharman Mohamed Shariff

What is your your mum's name?
Roslina binti Buyong

How many siblings do you have?
three.. all girls.. my parents is soo lucky..LOL

Where do you live?
Seremban 2, Seremban, N.S(many didn't know where is this place)

Your favourite colour(s).
it changed from days to days.. today it's yellow

Still studying?

Do you have a bestfriend?
it should be bestfriendS

Do you love them?
duh.. they're my besties

Pop or jazz?
alternative rock.. hehe

Chicken or beef?

Coke or 100plus?
absolutely coke

What brand is your purse?
Loise Vulton (haah.. just kidding)

How much do you have in your wallet right now?
RM4.. i'm broke rite now

High heels or flat?
high heels but not preefr to wear them..(i already tall, you know)

Skirts or jeans?
jeans pronto

Shirt or blouse?
blouse.. (my woman instinct is kickin rite now)

Watch or bracelet?
bracelet.. i hate wears watch

Favourite watch's brand?
don't have one.. read above

Do you have girlfriend?
emm.. let me think.. OF COURSE

Do you have a boyfriend?
boyfriends a lot.. the special one.. not yet

Did you love her?
hmm. let me think again.. of course i am

Did you ever kiss him?
huh? who is he?

Facebook or Myspace?

What is your wet dreams?
uhm... what is wet dreams.. LOL

What is your dream?
make my family proud and happy

Please tagged other ten friends of yours:
i'm too lazy to tag. hehe... so i tagged all of you... gotta go now. my mum is waiting... bye all


iema_z said...

thanks a lot dear! =)

frozentunez said...

bahahah purse louis vuitton tuh ko beli kat times square kan! :P

Fatin Fatihah said...

shhh..jangan ckp kat orang.. hahaha

aleen adela akoo ^_* said...

wat is ur wet dream?sgt klaka soalan tuh.huhuh

Fatin Fatihah said...

hahaa. tau xperr.. weee

Asma' Ahmad said...

heyya fatin.. oh ini gadis 90-an rupanya! how young you are! ^^ thanks follow blog akak ;) keep in touch!

Fatin Fatihah said...

hehe. my pleasure akak.. young??? hahaa.. don't think soo.. dah tue dah nie... heh