Wednesday, March 31, 2010

supernatural + paris hilton= soo wrong

recently, me became a slave of SUPERNATURAL.. you know.. the tv series.. haha... here, me wanna tell you one of the episodes.. season 5 episode 5.. this episode features PARIS HILTON which was soo weird.. LOL.. she played a god(more like a monster) eating her know.. weird huh... what's make this episode's soo memorable is the scene when Paris Hilton tried to eat DEAN(luv this guy).. sounds fun?

Paris hilton: you used to worship god but now.. this*shows herself*. what're they got besides small dog and spray tans.
sam and dean:*chuckle*

(whole different scene)
dean(tied at the tree): you can't eat me. See, i'm not a Paris hilton BFF, jeez, i had never seen HOUSE OF WAX.
sam: *turns at dean*

me: laugh my head off

LOL.. for those who's didn't get it.. let me explain.. have you seen HOUSE OF WAX.. it's a movie.. starring paris hilton(obviously) and jared padalecki.... jared played sam in supernatural series.. so, get it.... supernatural+paris hilton+house of wax+jared= coincedence much??? hmm....don't think soo.. they even made the scene at the MUSEUM OF WAX...

okay.. okay.. me babble to much here.. soo SORRY... just write some random things for you to read.. LOL.. if you guys have spare time or whatever.. watch this episode of supernatural... that is IF you have some spare time.. haha.. okay me done here. me will leave you a picture..

this one is my dream lomo cam..
Ultra Wide & Slim Harikin..
arghh.. when will me het my hands on that thing.. damn it

Saturday, March 27, 2010

pbakl, upin n ipin, eclipse

me got this book for only rm30


moment with upin n ipin*priceless*

Thursday, March 25, 2010

wonderful day

me have a wonderful day today..
me mother asked me if me want a new handphone(OF COURSE)
Hunt job with ziqa
bumped to shahirah
got interview by popular(dunno whether me got it though)
bumped to syafiqah(she's waving at me, at least she remember me)
watched HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON(laughed my head off with zqa)
then, when me returned to home, there are HL MILKS(me love milks)
that's really made me day
waaaa, me realy have a wonderful day today

early days with zqa

lots of love,

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


first me want to say..
me hate megavideo
second, me hate torrent...
that's all
oh yeah.. one more thing..
me hate me life..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


me really happy rite now.. thanks to me best mate SYAHIRAH for the award.. thank you soo much.. for that reason me want to give award to hers too.. and to whom me love his/hers blog.. me found this award from Syahirah(of course).. since she's modify a lil bit the award,me decided me wanna to that too.. haha(copycat) soo here it go..

the original rule are
  1. Thank and link the person that give you award
  2. pass this award onto 15 blogs you've recently discovered enjoyed reading and think are fantastic
  3. contact each Blog and let them know they've won the award
  4. state 7 things about yourself.
instead of 15, me give you 5
  1. frozentunez photography(her blog have the best pictures)
  2. pictures are unique)
  3. Semangkok Ais Kacang...(her blog is simple and full of pictures)
  4. Cuppy Cake :)(her life is fun)
  5. Azalia Suhaimi Photopoetry(found at Syahirah's blog.. worth to follow this blog.. seriously)
there you go. me award for those who made me life much livelier...
that's all... what? another rules? sorry, me too lazy to write about me own self and contact the blog or whatsoever.. huhu.. me hope you enjoy this blog to... adious

Monday, March 22, 2010


sheesh.. looks like me can't keep me promise.. hehehee.. sorry guys...
while me drinking HL milk(yummy), me think of something to put on this blog... that is NICKNAMES.. some people likes their nicknames, some ore okay with it, many are HATE their nicknames.. like me, me okay with it.. here are some the popular nicknames(around me) in SMAPJ

♥♥♥-sort of
♥♥♥♥-so popular
♥♥♥♥♥-popular as hell

me- big bird, birdie(only me closest friends, dorm mate n classmate call me this nicknames)

filzah-AJ(stands for anak jaafar)

yasmin-yamean(cut the s, easy to pronounce)

fifie-joyah(role in drama)

nasyrah-itek(his boyfriend's nickname too)

alifah-merah jambu(if you want to know, ask her)

ain-ian(don't know why.. hehe)

nur fatin- eton(her mother's name)

fatin khairunnisa- FK(stands for her own name.. DUH)

razif-lim, cino(his face like chinese)

izzul-lembu(this one, me don't know too)

izwan ishak- wancak(cut the iz and is)

amir syafiq- KT(stands for KUAT TIDO)

izzat hafiz- toyol(his face looks like a toyol kot)

daus-bono(hoho.. can't tell you this one)

anas- OM( orang minyak)

there are teachers too
Cikgu Mazrul-CM(stands for.. cikgu mazrul la)

there are more unique yet popular nicknames at me former school but can't offend too many people here.. soo, this is enough already.. huhu.. me sorry if this post hurt you guys.. although your nicknames are weird, it's fun to be with you guys!!!

Lots of Love

Sunday, March 21, 2010

tribute to Flizah

Due to HER jealousy... me made a tribute to HER(hahaha.. juz kiddin)

Although you looked away from me

but me know that we will

forgive and forget

and stay on each other sides

P.S: don't think too much about it.. just live your life
Lots of Love,

My Own Label

After browsing soo many photographer blog(including me friends).. me decided me want to make me own label for me pictures.. me knew me don't have like nikon D90 or whatsoever but still.. with me own casio E90(still 90), me still can shot many photo as me heart desire..

The EYE of Malaysia

Colmar tropicale.. nice place

nice place Indeed

PD trip

I love this pic

me own maped


I heart SMAPJ

Me wish to apologize to the one who follow me blog because of soooooo many post recently... me can't help it.. me not just blog maniac but now a photo maniac too.. sooo with me deepest apology.. maybe me will lesser me post for this month(me don't promise that) but me will try... me sorry shahirah.. me know many post from me bugs you.. sorry.. miss youu

Lots of Love

Saturday, March 20, 2010

me most favourite

hello.. new post again.. picture crazziness.. huhuuu.. okey.. this is some of me favourite pics... ENJOYYY
Me lovely friends

me model lil sis

love this pic.. SOO MUCHH

our own BALAK.. haha

Interview day.. haha.. funny

me most beloved school.. SMAPJEMPOL

JUMP.. baby.. JUMP

thanks to FK for this pic

me love me classmates

The future NELAYAN.. haha

me n fifiee

Grad day.. miss u guys

Tribute to FK.. huhu

kenduri at sensei's house.. me don't know what me laughed about

Once upon a time...

once upon a time.. at the place called COSMOPOINT...
The singing competiton

and we won!!!

me with KAK DAYAH.. cute, rite

KAK DAYAH wit the boys

the whole class

KAK DAYAH wit the gurls

computer class!!

The famaous Siti Sarah

with me long lost friend.. and her name is FATTIN

Siti Sarah and Amal

when all busy working.. me taking pictures

P.S: Sorry la MEAN.. lame sangat.. aku edit x lawa cam ko laa.. hahaha

Lots of Love

memories will never fades

Don't know why.. me felt very nostalgic tonite.. maybe it's because the rain... Rain always bring me memories about a lot of things.. due to this, me post some pictures that will bring memories not only to me.. but for those who read this blog.....

This pictures taken almost 2 years ago. but it still fresh in me mind.. how me miss those days...
Like me said.. memories will never fades