Monday, March 15, 2010

confused or ignorance

WOW.. it has been THAT long since me wrote a new post here.. emm... first of all, me wan to tell.. LIFE SUCKS.. why??? because of certain events that happened to me on the several weeks ago..
first, Me SPM result... me was soo disappointed with it.. it's true though the malay phrase' usaha tangga kejayaan' cause me didn't put many effort in taking the SPM exam.. me just have to satisfiy in me result.. that's not the end about it because now i'm frustrated with what should me choose for me course... REALLY.. me made up me mind since form 1 that me will enter the world of engineering but there's a certain someone who thinks that me will suck at it.. me really don't know what to choose anymore... it's true that my LK(lkisan kejuruteraan) is bad but that not gonna stop me to pursuit my ambition to become an engineer.. it's me life.. hmmmm.. me don't know what to think anymore.. BUT i'm afraid that maybe, just MAYBE what that person said is true... maybe me WILL suck at it.... soo is it confused of what me will taking or me just playing ignorance

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