Monday, March 8, 2010

Running away..

Have you ever thought of running away from home.. wELL, ME HAVE.. not always though because me life is soo perfect.. Sometimes, when me felt left alone or everyone just hate me.. thet's when the idea of running away struck me.. Today is the day of the idea struck me.. The problem is not big but it still affect me deeply.. but me know the idea of running away is a foolish idea but sometimes when me think the possibilities.. maybe me can run away from home.. it's a tempting thing to do.. it's like when the bird fly away.. no problem, no responsibilities, nothing.. just me freedom..*smile*

But me knew that will never happened to me because me love me family and me will never do such thing as running away from home.. It will certainly break me family heart.. hmmmm... it's look like no matter what me family do to me... me will always frgive and forget... no more idea of running away for me.. me guess..

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