Friday, March 19, 2010

movies addict

Thanks to Eragon.. now me off to watch lord of the ring(LOTR) trilogy.. haven't seen that movies for a long time.. maybe this is the good time to refresh me memory about the greatness of gandalf... the journey of frodo and sam.. and aragon(talk about aragon, are eragon and aragon are siblings... haha.. joking..continue) and gosh.. me even can't remember what role was Orlando bloom played.. and me call myself a die hard fan.. very ashamed of myself..

like most of the people.. me am a movies addict type 1(that is very addicted... no cure) me like a lot of movies but me most like EPIC film like LOTR(duh), Star wars, harry potter series(it's not epic though, but me still like it), and many more... me remembered the first epic movie me watched(maybe) is E.T.. gosh.. haven't seen that movies for ages.. love that movie.. me want to watch it but don't have it at my home.. we only have the copy of the tape... hahaha..

okay.. enough with the chatter.. MUST WATCH LOTR NOW..

(one of the reasons me watch LOTR.. don't blame me, blame him)
Lots of Love

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