Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Own Label

After browsing soo many photographer blog(including me friends).. me decided me want to make me own label for me pictures.. me knew me don't have like nikon D90 or whatsoever but still.. with me own casio E90(still 90), me still can shot many photo as me heart desire..

The EYE of Malaysia

Colmar tropicale.. nice place

nice place Indeed

PD trip

I love this pic

me own maped


I heart SMAPJ

Me wish to apologize to the one who follow me blog because of soooooo many post recently... me can't help it.. me not just blog maniac but now a photo maniac too.. sooo with me deepest apology.. maybe me will lesser me post for this month(me don't promise that) but me will try... me sorry shahirah.. me know many post from me bugs you.. sorry.. miss youu

Lots of Love

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