Saturday, March 6, 2010

the only exception

Me first blog.. Me got the inspiration to do this blog because me saw someone blog and got attracted to it.. The blog is so full of herself. By just reading her blog, me know what's her like.. Me want someone feels the same way to me blog..

Today.. 6th March.. Another 5 Days to take me SPM result.. Me WAS SPM candidate 2009..Let's just pray for me result is good.. me very hopefull..Well, today it's look like nothing interesting happened.. Me mother wants to go to gym at 4p.m but bails the plan and claimed that she was tired.. That's true.. I guess.. because she spent the morning to clean the house.. and me did NOTHING!!.. me felt very guilty..

Last night, me make a video about me high school life at SBP Integrasi Jempol.. Many don't recognise the school because of it's located in the small town named Batu Kikir... Lately, me very sentimental about friendship.. Just thinking about me friends make me wanna cry.. soo shameful
here, me give you to see the vid..

the song is THE ONLY EXCEPTION- by Paramore.. me current fav song.. the song is very meaningful.. Besides, Paramore is me favourite band since ever.. *chuckle*

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