Tuesday, March 23, 2010


me really happy rite now.. thanks to me best mate SYAHIRAH for the award.. thank you soo much.. for that reason me want to give award to hers too.. and to whom me love his/hers blog.. me found this award from Syahirah(of course).. since she's modify a lil bit the award,me decided me wanna to that too.. haha(copycat) soo here it go..

the original rule are
  1. Thank and link the person that give you award
  2. pass this award onto 15 blogs you've recently discovered enjoyed reading and think are fantastic
  3. contact each Blog and let them know they've won the award
  4. state 7 things about yourself.
instead of 15, me give you 5
  1. frozentunez photography(her blog have the best pictures)
  2. nasuha.writes.photo(his pictures are unique)
  3. Semangkok Ais Kacang...(her blog is simple and full of pictures)
  4. Cuppy Cake :)(her life is fun)
  5. Azalia Suhaimi Photopoetry(found at Syahirah's blog.. worth to follow this blog.. seriously)
there you go. me award for those who made me life much livelier...
that's all... what? another rules? sorry, me too lazy to write about me own self and contact the blog or whatsoever.. huhu.. me hope you enjoy this blog to... adious

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