Wednesday, March 31, 2010

supernatural + paris hilton= soo wrong

recently, me became a slave of SUPERNATURAL.. you know.. the tv series.. haha... here, me wanna tell you one of the episodes.. season 5 episode 5.. this episode features PARIS HILTON which was soo weird.. LOL.. she played a god(more like a monster) eating her know.. weird huh... what's make this episode's soo memorable is the scene when Paris Hilton tried to eat DEAN(luv this guy).. sounds fun?

Paris hilton: you used to worship god but now.. this*shows herself*. what're they got besides small dog and spray tans.
sam and dean:*chuckle*

(whole different scene)
dean(tied at the tree): you can't eat me. See, i'm not a Paris hilton BFF, jeez, i had never seen HOUSE OF WAX.
sam: *turns at dean*

me: laugh my head off

LOL.. for those who's didn't get it.. let me explain.. have you seen HOUSE OF WAX.. it's a movie.. starring paris hilton(obviously) and jared padalecki.... jared played sam in supernatural series.. so, get it.... supernatural+paris hilton+house of wax+jared= coincedence much??? hmm....don't think soo.. they even made the scene at the MUSEUM OF WAX...

okay.. okay.. me babble to much here.. soo SORRY... just write some random things for you to read.. LOL.. if you guys have spare time or whatever.. watch this episode of supernatural... that is IF you have some spare time.. haha.. okay me done here. me will leave you a picture..

this one is my dream lomo cam..
Ultra Wide & Slim Harikin..
arghh.. when will me het my hands on that thing.. damn it

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