Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happiness is for everyone including me

haha.. me happy.. thanks to a certain someone.. she gave me a new hope for me path of life... thanks to her advise.. me very confident to choose this path.. YES.. that's rite.. me will be an engineer.. watch out world. you will witnessed the rise of the most talented female engineer.. hahaha* evil laugh* Thank you soo much to this certain someone... hahaha.. felt like the world is mine*giggled*

okay.. enough of that.. me felt like a stupid person giggled like that(of course me will never show you how me giggle) now.. let us start a new topic.. just now me watch a movie... STARDUST.. interesting stories.. they got De Niro play a role like a aww aww person(if you know what me mean) ROBERT DE NIRO.. seriously.. he always played mafia or a tough guy.. watch him in this movie made me laugh like a mad man... hahahaha... soo funny.. you should watch it sometimes... okay.. that's the end of it. ohh yeah.. if you want to know more bout the movie.. googled it.. me too lazy to type the synopsis or even the review of the movies.. haha... one more thing.. enjoy me new song by lily allen~everybody's changing

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