Wednesday, April 14, 2010

it's too late...

"we're best friends
we hold hands
we're in love
you're my man"

artist: the virgins
song: one week of danger

UGH.... suddenly my phone rang( refer to the lyric i gave you) and i'm in deep sleep.. who's been calling on this(not so middle) of morning... the screen shows U M I.. i picked up the phone..
me: yer, umi
umi: haaa.. ngan watper tu? baru bangun tido ker
me: hehehee
umi: tadi ader orang TGV call
me: haa??
umi: orang tgv call, die suruh datang interview ari nie kul 11
me:*laughing* umi, kite da nk masuk kolej dah.. maner sempat nak keje.. isyhh.. baru nk call.. awl2 ari 2 xnk call
umi: so, ko xnk pegi laa
me: malaslah
umi: okay... nnti umi call die balik
phone turned off

what's wrong with TGV.. i've been apply for their part times for weeks and NOW they calling back... such a BS.. since i woke up sooo early today, i started to check the forum i've been made.. hmmm... 2 reply.. from serendipity and swats... both thinkin if want to enroll in the foundation or not.. after finished replying their thread.. i starter BLOGWALKING... i got hooked with blogwalking.. it's nice to read others blog.. read how's their life..LOL...

My BABY... the car one not the disney one

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