Sunday, April 25, 2010

kenduri kendara-Malay's tradition

weeeeee.... i'm soo tired.. just came back from mak tam's house... i had a lot of fun there.. and a lot of picture too.. lucky mee... sooo this post is about the kenduri a.k.a adik's and alia's birthday party.... enjoy the pic
we started the kenduri with bacaan yassin...

haha.. an unlucky girl went to school on Saturday.. more unfortunate, the school started afternoon.. LOL
two birthday's girl.. waiting for their cakes

yummy... watermelon... adam eating it with joy

Alia.. the model of the day.. hehe

from left: Mak Ngah, Kak Lang, Angah and Alia

Datins-to-be.. LOL

Hadif just came back from school.. another unlucky bunch

me with Nani.. she was also from school.. Haizzz


Haris and Naufal playing together... so cute

acara memotong kek.. hehe

waiting for the cakes

eating together

Haris blew the candles

Hadif.. tired after ate a lot of food

adik and adam with her presents

Soo. the conclusion is guys.. we had a lot of fun there.. the food is great, the cake is fabulous,including the cupcakes.. and the best part is.. all of my relatives got to sit together and chatting.. THE END

Lots of Love


hiro said...

hepy besday girl..nnt besar jd dak baik..ehee

Fatin Fatihah said...

haha.. time kasih( adik den cakap)

A f i q said...

wahh, cupcakes!
nak satu.

sop said...

nice shoot. i like it

Fatin Fatihah said...

afiq.. haha bole jerk. kat umah banyak lagi niee
sop... mekacihh.. hehe.. ambik gune henpon je tue

myFirdaus said...

hye... nice cupcake... mcm sdap tuh... hik3... i like the shot when adam eat watermelon... lawa u edit...

Fatin Fatihah said...

haha.. memeng sedap pown.. hehee... thank you thank you.. yela.. kite xder camera cam canon D50 @ D90 nk wat cmtu.. soo kene edit gune comp je lar.. huhu